4 Signs it’s Time to Polish Your Brand’s Online Presence

Stephenie Zamora
3 min readMar 25, 2021

Day by day, you dedicate huge chunks of your time to show up online… and yet nothing happens.

If this is you, it may be time to review what exactly you’re doing and how you’re representing your brand online.

Yes, consistency matters but doing it the right way matters too!

And the best part? It really doesn’t take much to see a massive difference in your results!

Here’s how to tell if your business can use a bit of polish and what you can do to upgrade your online presence.

1. You’re not consistent with your branding

Are you using a different color/font in your graphics every time you post on Instagram to spice things up? Perhaps you update your web theme every now and then to see if that improves conversions?

Well, you’re not doing your business a favor… in fact, you may be confusing your visitors!

Once you go through the complete branding process properly — beginning with your why and ending with color palettes — then stick with it. Trust me, it’s not something only big corporations do!

On top of that, being consistent in the way you show up tells that you’re serious, dedicated, and know what you’re doing. Remember, not branding is branding too!

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2. Your inbox is empty

While there are certainly dry spells in anyone’s business, an inbox that’s constantly empty is usually not a good sign.

Who exactly are you after? What’s the problem you promise to solve? What do they need but don’t know they need it? How do you show that you can help solve their problem?

To tackle this challenge, first start with diving even deeper into your target audience.

If you’re a writing coach, don’t just state your program is for everyone who wants to improve their writing. That’s just too broad! Try niching it down — you’re a coach who helps busy entrepreneurs communicate better and improve their business just by

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