Keep Going When Life Feels Hard

If you’re going through hardships…⁣
If you’re disappointed things didn’t work out…⁣
If you’re feeling like a complete failure…⁣
If you’re uncertain, lost, or turned around…

Keep going, because this isn’t the end.

No matter how much life you’ve lived, you still have more to go.

Things are supposed to get messy and come undone as we grow because life is always shaping us into who we’re here to be. We’re always learning and becoming, shedding and releasing, for as long as we’re alive.

There are so many valuable lessons in life about grace, patience, and perseverance… and we can only uncover the purpose of our path if we’re willing to stay the course and see it through to the next scene or chapter.

You’re in the middle of your story, so don’t get up just yet.

Keep going.⁣
Trust yourself.⁣
Surrender to the unfolding.⁣
Lean into what’s next.

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