Why I’m Quitting Social Media (and What I’m Doing This Instead)

Stephenie Zamora
8 min readAug 2, 2021

If I’m honest, social media and I have been growing apart for some time now.

The endless algorithm changes, the growing number of ads and products, and the fact that I have to post selfies for my content to be seen by anyone (which I don’t enjoy!)

And even when I do post a selfie, it still reaches only a fraction of my connections. Most of the engagement is just because it’s my face and not because of the content that I work so hard to craft in support of people who need it. Lame.

Social media is noisy and tiring and I just don’t want to do it anymore.

So, I’m not!

I’m quitting social media indefinitely, and I feel really good about it.

The new plan I’ve created instead of social media feels way more fun and aligned.

I’m refocusing how and where I share my content, along with what platforms I’ll keep using and why.

I’m a content creator, and that’s what brings me the most joy.

It’s a big part of my purpose work in this life- to make stuff -and I want to get back to creating content in ways that feel like me and have more of an impact.

Here’s what I’ll be focusing on instead:

  • Creating more long-form blog posts: This is fun for me! I’ve enjoyed creating more in-depth pieces for the blog on everything from why I started mountain biking to what’s going on in my life to topics people want to learn on, like healing and growth, finding your purpose, and making impossible things happen. I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes of what I’m working on and weekly “around here” recaps that look behind the scenes of my life and business. Click here to subscribe to my list, so you don’t miss any new content!
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